CamGlen Schools Hour

Local schools take over CamGlen Radio for an hour produced by pupils from one of a number of local primary & secondary schools.

Here is the school rota for the remainder of the show. Shows will be broadcast live at 10am then repeated at 3pm the same day.

Burgh Primary School

Thursday 18th January

Thursday 25th January

Thursday 1st March

Thursday 8th March

Thursday 3rd May

Thursday 10th May

Thursday 14th June

Thursday 21st June

Hallside Primary School

Friday 12th January

Friday 16th February

Friday 23rd February

Friday 20th April

Friday 27th April

Friday 1st June

Friday 8th June

James Aiton Primary School

Friday 2nd March

Friday 9th March

Friday 4th May

Friday 11th May

Friday 14th June

Friday 21st June

Rutherglen High School

Thursday 1st February

Thursday 8th February

Thursday 15th March

Thursday 22nd March

Thursday 17th May

Thursday 24th May

Trinity High School

Friday 2nd February

Friday 9th February

Friday 16th March

Friday 23rd March

Friday 18th May


Previous Shows

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Burgh Primary School

St Charles Primary School

Rutherglen High School

Trinity High School