Council Countdown, with Bob Rowatt

Council Countdown, presented by Bob Rowatt, is a special pair of programmes focussing on the South Lanarkshire Council election on the 4th of May 2017..

Local candidates will be in the studio, engaging in a roundtable discussion on issues affecting the election.

The list of candidates in the local wards is as follows:

Rutherglen South

Robert Brown - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Margaret Cowie - Labour and Co-operative Party

Brian Stuart Finlay - Scottish Green Party

Taylor Muir - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Carol Nugent - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Jack Sinclair - UKIP

Rutherglen Central and North

Raymond Burke - Scottish Green Party

Janine Calikes - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Gordon Clark - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Liz Keenan - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Gerard Killen - Labour and Co-operative Party

Martin Patrick Lennon - Labour and Co-operative Party

Jared Wark - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Cambuslang West

John Bradley - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Don Ferguson - Independent

Kieran James Kiely - UKIP

Ann Le Blond - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

David McClemont  - Scottish Green Party

Clare McColl - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Norman Rae - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Margaret Walker - Scottish Labour Party

Cambuslang East

Walter Brogan - Scottish Labour Party

Ellen Bryson - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Gavin Douglas - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alistair Fulton - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Stuart Gallagher - Scottish Labour Party

Katy Loudon - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Laura Martin - Scottish Green Party

James Moore - Scottish Unionists, Proudly Scottish, Proudly British

Listen to the first show which broadcast on Tuesday 25th April @ 1pm. Bob was joined in the studio with Robert Brown (Scottish Liberal Democrats), Gavin Douglas (Scottish Conservative & Unionist), Margaret Cowie (Labour and Co-operative Party) and Brian Stuart Findlay.