Halfway to Burgh; The Two Towns Local History Show on CamGlen Radio

Rutherglen and Cambuslang have a rich and colourful history dating back many centuries. These two towns have witnessed some really important events in Scottish history.

Carrick McDonald has been putting together some programmes about local history for CamGlen Radio. In these programmes he will be looking back at the two towns, in times gone by, exploring the castles, factories, coalmines and churches of the past, and at the lives of the men and women who are part of our rich local history.

If you have any suggestions for a programme or would like to contribute please email history@camglenradio.org

The first episode looks at the history of the Hoover factory in Cambuslang, from its early days in the second World War until its closure in 2005:

The second and third episodes followed the J & J White Chemical Works in Rutherglen:

The fourth episode focused on the 1,400 year history Rutherglen Old Parish Church, including the important events in Scottish history that have taken place there:

The fifth episode looks at the old picture houses and cinemas of Cambuslang and Rutherglen.

Episode six explores the Rutherglen Boundary Stones which can be found across the Royal Burgh. Carrick meets with members of the Rutherglen Hertiage Society as they audit the remainding stones.