Strawberry Fields with Robert Fields

About Robert
Q1: What is your Presenter name?

Robert Fields ( the Dark lord - this was my nickname in the rock scene)

Q2: Describe your show in 5 words:

Passionate, knowledgeable, historical, enjoyable, current

Q3: Why did you get involved with CamGlen Radio?

To realise a life times ambition I've had since away back in the 60's when I went to bed with my wee transistor radio under my pillow listening to Radio's Caroline and Luxembourg

Q4: What is your favourite show on CamGlen Radio (that isn’t your own)?

Far too many to choose from to be fair

Q5: If you could interview anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Elvis as he was my hero and I would ask him if he could go back in time what would he change

Q6: What is your favourite ice cream flavor?


Q7: What is your favourite thing about Cambuslang and Rutherglen?

Amazing charity shops and of course CamGlen Radio!

Q8: Tell us three interesting facts about you:
  1. I am profoundly deaf
  2. Diabetic
  3. 68 year old ageing passionate rocker