We're still here!

Covid-19 has impacted on our way of life and what we were once able to do and places we were able to visit is now no longer possible.

CamGlen Radio has been impacted too, however we want to let all our listeners and followers know that we are still broadcasting. Our hardworking team of volunteers are adapting and working from home to continue to create fresh content.

Here is what we are doing:

  • Our free community announcements service is still running, we are continuing to promote local groups and organisations for free across CamGlen Radio. We have also increased the frequency of when they are aired which now includes evenings, weekends and through the night. If you want to access this service email whatson@camglenradio.org
  • CamGlen Radio's daytime programming has not been impacted and we are continuing to broadcast up to date news, community announcements, feature interviews and of course, continuing to showcase the best in new and local music. If you want to send in music for consideration in our daytime playlist email promo@camglenradio.org
  • Our specialist presenting team continue to send in regular shows which we are broadcast during evenings and weekends. Keep an eye on our social media channels to find out more!
  • CamGlen Radio is a big supporter of local musicians, we have invited some of our favourite bands, artists, bloggers and other nice folk from the music industry to do one or a few guest shows for us. To find out when these will be aired go to our schedule, look at our mixcloud page or keep an eye on our social media channels. If you want to get involved, email enquiries@camglenradio.org to receive for information.
  • Introduction of a brand new religious show, CamGlen Worship is airing every Sunday from 3pm - bringing your church services to you while you are unable to attend mass or religious service. If you would like to get your church or religious group involved email whatson@camglenradio.org

If there is anything else we could be doing, drop us an email with your suggestion to enquiries@camglenradio.org


Stay safe and tuned in,

CamGlen Radio x