CamGlen Breakfast Show with Ross Turnbull

Croissants*, coffee* and chat along with some dang fine music with Ross 9-11am every Monday and Tuesday.

Tune in or don't - but if you don't, it's your loss!

*May not include croissants and coffee.


Q1: What is your Presenter name? 

Ross Turnbull 


Q2: Describe your show in 5 words: 

Who allowed him on Radio  


Q3: Why did you get involved with CamGlen Radio? 

To be involved in Radio and to help the CamGlen community 


Q4: What is your favourite show on CamGlen Radio (that isn’t your own)? 

Rebellious Jukebox with Derek McCutcheon  


Q5: If you could interview anyone in the world who would it be and why? 

Dave Grohl – Seems like such a nice guy 


Q6: What is your favourite ice cream flavour? 

Mint Chocolate Chip 


Q7: What is your favourite thing about Cambuslang and Rutherglen? 

The people of CamGlen  


Q8: Tell us three interesting facts about you: 

1. In a previous life I hosted national breakfast radio show  

2. I’m a suffering St Mirren Fan (we all have flaws okay!) 

3. I have DJ’d in the Barrowlands Ballroom